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Grants and Sponsored Research Administration

SSCC provides wrap-around research and grant office support, including a proposal and budget review, faculty/staff proposal development trainings (pre- and post-award), award review, subcontracting solutions, enterprise workflow analysis, compliance support, and more. SSCC specializes in providing support to institutions without a grant office (or offices with minimal staffing) to enhance the organization's capacity to write, submit, and administer grant awards. SSCC also supports research staff at both small and large institutions, public and private, in managing the day-to-day research administration and compliance requirements and deadlines, including required federal reporting deadlines. 

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Research Policies
and Procedures

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SSCC can quickly conduct needs assessments and gap analyses to assess the compliance capacity of the institution and the research enterprise. SSCC works directly with executive leadership, and can author new policies, edit existing policies, or organize procedures to ensure that day-to-day workflow and reporting requirements are founded upon solid compliance practices. With significant experience in Title 2 CFR 200, SSCC strives to ensure that new policies and procedures are not only federally compliant, but promote research growth. Let SSCC work with you to review your policies and procedures on research misconduct, conflicts of interest, supplemental pay/extra compensation, cost sharing/matching, non-exclusion, hazard mitigation, indirect costs, and more!

Grant Database

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SSCC clients can request a subscription to GrantSelect, one of the industry's leading online grant databases. Whether funding is needed for arts/humanities initiatives, faith-based opportunities, scholarships, homeland security, or bench research, users will enjoy 24/7 access to the GrantSelect database and inbox notifications of new opportunities and deadlines.

Enterprise Risk Management
and Needs Assessments

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SSCC can provide customized research risk management services for business, industry, education, healthcare, and not-for-profit organizations. With a sharp focus on regulatory compliance, SSCC can develop holistic research enterprise needs assessments, gap analyses, and workflow solutions (including staffing, training, and  resources) to reduce overall enterprise risk and liability and prepare for federal and/or state audits.


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SSCC and its staff have supported institutions throughout the lifecycle of the accreditation process. Let us work with you to guide the narrative writing and submission process for your institution's state, regional (Higher Learning Commission, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, etc.), and/or national program-specific accreditation agencies. 

External Evaluation

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SSCC also specializes in providing independent and external evaluation to assess outcomes, independently confirm data, measure the efficacy of medical or healthcare interventions, and ensure objectivity in research and reporting. SSCC has experience in evaluating large-scale NIH research awards, state-level (federal flow-through) program evaluations, and small-scale evaluations for non-profit entities. SSCC utilizes industry-standard logic models and matrices, evidence control logs, and identifies activities related to program outcomes for use in award reporting.

Workshops and Training

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Professionals at SSCC will work with you to to provide employee-focused training and retraining sessions that maximize organizational compliance. SSCC and nationally recognized guest speakers are equipped to assist your organization in providing Research Ethics and Integrity workshops and training opportunities that serve to strengthen award management capabilities and support current or anticipated organizational priorities. 

Specialty Services
and Turnkey Projects

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SSCC enjoys developing tailored support services to small research and sponsored programs offices; and with over 20 years of experience in research administration, SSCC can also support large and growing enterprises as they focus on and respond to specific compliance issues, opportunities, or expansion. Contact SSCC today to discuss a service plan that is right for your organization. 

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